Ty Rillorta / Staff reporter

Students’ lives have drastically changed due to the new COVID-19 regulations at Gleneagle. With the new guidelines, many concerns have arisen from students and teachers. 

There are many changes that students go through with COVID-19. The implementation of social distancing still feels weird to students as it is very different to years prior. “It just feels so different,” said Colin Deorksen, grade 10.

The main change affecting students is the new quarter system, which makes students have A and B classes that last only ten weeks. Deorksen is in favour of the new quarter system. “It allows me to only work on two classes at a time instead of four.” 

“I like it because it allows us to better focus on their work.” says Rowan Adrian, grade 10 Spanish student.

Students still have their concerns even with the new rules. Social distancing is being questioned, as crowds are formed before and after school. Classes do an adequate job with preventing the spread of COVID-19, but are still putting about 30 students in a single classroom. Most students do keep their masks on, but little social distancing in those classes prove that this system isn’t perfect. “Since we are in our classes for a long amount of time, some can do better with social distancing,” said Adrian.

Students may not think of the risks, due to being grouped at school. Deorksen thinks this will normalize social gathering for some students. The lifting of COVID-19 regulations may lead to a spike in cases. 

The new quarter system, which affected students, impacts teachers as well. Chris Turpin, social studies teacher, agrees and feels that he is forced to rush things in order to fit everything in a quarter. “The course curriculum was made to be taught over a longer period of time that we don’t have.”

Many teachers are finding it challenging to work with the new quarter system, but agree it is much better than what they had to do last year. “I don’t like the new system, but it’s better than last spring,” said Turpin. 

The regulations with COVID-19 will forever be changing, so it will be almost impossible to find the most optimal system for students in Canada. Hopefully, with time, Gleneagle will have a better system for teachers and students.