Devon Jones / Staff reporter

Psychologists believe that this winter will induce a depression from Covid anxiety. They are warning us all that the shorter days and colder weather make us all in for a long dark winter. 

COVID-19 has made many people lose their jobs and have a lack communication, everybody is required to social distance or stay online behind a screen. Many people are stressed about losing a job that had to be shut down until COVID-19 is gone. With that comes winter, where many psychologists are saying that during that people’s mental health will be at its worst. 

“Anxiety has been the dominant mental health issue of the pandemic so far, with countless people worried about their health and job security and the uncertainty of when life will return to normal,” said Steve Joordens, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto. 

“Anxiety, which can be debilitating at times and have negative implications on the immune system, can often be self-managed. Depression, however, is a far, far more dangerous state of mind.” 

“It requires a much quicker step towards getting somebody that really knows what they’re doing to help,” Joordens said. “So, if we’re heading into winter with less sunshine, less ability to get social interaction, less opportunity for aerobic activity, less job security for some, I worry we might see depression rates increase.”  

“Interactions don’t necessarily need to be in person in order to be meaningful,” said Jian Li Wang, a scientist at the Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research in Ottawa.  

“Feelings of loneliness do not depend on how many people physically surround you,” he said. “It depends on how you connect with others.” If the mental health of people will have risen during this winter because of the social problems, then it’s our responsibility to talk to one another through online like we have been doing.

If we can’t reach one another the feeling of isolation will set in a make you feel way worse. People have kept their lives going with school, work, and maybe relaxing at home. 

Because of covid-19, some people can only do school or relax at home, the reason why anxiety sets in is the fact that some people can’t work to get any sort of income. Just then is when the final blow of winter coming hits them in the face and they now can’t even have the security to know if they can even get a job. All alongside us is the fact that we cannot see our friends in person in risk of spreading the disease. 

“Restrictions on social gatherings can negatively impact peoples’ mental health by taking away support systems and interactions they may not have even realized they needed.” Said Noreen Sibanda, a registered provisional psychologist in Edmonton. “It’s important for people to keep the routine of communication going with their friends and family, just in a modified way this winter.” 

Like we have been doing so far with social distancing and online classes, this winter we are going to need to push ourselves with new ways to have a fun time with friends, Shibanda suggested that we go on a zoom call and watch the same movie at the same time or have a game night with many friends in the same call.  

These ideas will help us and can be unique, they make us do normal things with our own twist of doing it online, when was the last time you have played a game of monopoly online.