Staff reporter/ Evan Shelkie

During the pandemic, our school year has changed a lot to prioritize our safety. Some of the changes made were having to wear masks at school and to sanitize our hands and our work areas, but the biggest change for students is moving from a semester system to a quarter system.  

The quarter system is different from the regular system because it has four quarters instead of two semesters. The quarter system is based around keeping students in cohorts, or isolated groups to stop the spread of COVID-19.  

Some students find this system more stressful than the regular system because regular, half year long classes being are compressed into a quarter of the year. This causes classes to be compressed and go very quickly, which means there is a lot more daily homework. Benedict Huszar, grade 11 said, “I enjoy the quarter system because it means I only have to worry about selected classes at a time, but I don’t like the fact that the classes feel more compressed and rushed.” 

Due to the implementation of the quarter system and students having to stay in small learning groups with classmates, the class schedules for students have changed to a hybrid system. Some students feel confused about what classes they have during the day because of the complicated hybrid schedule.

“My only complaints (with the quarter system) are I find it difficult to focus on schoolwork at home, and some courses, like auto, are difficult to do online.” said Shay Symmes, grade 11. This quote illustrates one of the problems with the hybrid system, that not all classes are compatible with the partial online teaching schedule. Classes such as wood shop and auto are harder to do because of the mostly hands-on learning style compared to a regular classroom environment, which can easily be transferred to an online environment.