Christian Shomali / Staff Reporter

Presidential elections is an international event. Every 4 years, Americans have to vote on one candidate. If the candidate has the most votes out of the others, then they will become the next President of America. On November 3rd, Americans will have to elect a new president, and they have two main candidates to vote; Donald Trump and Joe Biden. This created a lot of articles about the election, and update Americans about these two candidates, for Americans to vote.

Fox News made an article “5 reasons on why a sane person should vote for Trump”. In the article, they explained on how Donald Trump will cure the economy, give students better education, and help the economy. Fox News has always been known to be a biased News Station, and this article is a great example. ” His many accomplishments  – bringing hostages home, revised trade deals, taking on China, rebuilding the military, tightening our borders, the blockbuster Middle East peace initiative — and the near-insanity of the left, make the choice even easier.” While Trump did these accomplishents, the article does not show what Donald Trump did that put a negative viewpoint in his position as a President? Examples are: Trump being VERY disrespectful to women. On Kim Kardashian “Does she have a good body? No. Does she have a fat ass? Absolutely.” On Hillary Clinton, “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?”.

Trump has done many thing to build a negative view of him, but Fox News is not adding those events into the article. I think that Fox News is very bias for supporting Trump from this article.

Washington Post, on the other hand, is a very non-bias news station. This article “Trump, Biden, and the world” simply states what Prime Ministers and Presidents from other countries think about this Presidential Election. They show what the election means for Russia, China, Canada, Europe, Britain, Middle East, Mexico, and India. For example, Canada and Mexico state how Trump has called them “rapists, weak, and dishonest”. They say that Trump has been bullying Canada and Mexico during his Presidential state, and he is not fit to be elected as president. This article clearly shows no bias, as it only states what other countries think of the election.

It is always important to elect the President that will make sure the citizens and economy will be in good hands. After the election, only time will tell if the new President will do more right then wrong.