Amanda Ding
Edge columnist

2020 is a year that turned everything and everyone upside down — finding and defining normalcy during COVID-19 was draining.
2020 was expected to be a new decade with new hopes, when in reality, many people feel it now needs to be ‘rebooted’.

When online learning started, students attended digital meetings, and teachers had to find new ways to engage and connect.
During self-isolation, it was difficult to find focus, and without school, clubs and groups couldn’t host activities making social media the only tool available.

Despite more time to share funny videos in group chats, people missed in-person connections.

Now, coming back to school in September feels strange, but all students are in the same situation. Gleneagle’s environment will be different than it was before.

People may be unsure what the future has for this year but, despite these differences, the Gleneagle community will be the same.
It’s hard to define the Gleneagle community because it means something different for each person.

Each student who enters this building finds their own community — whether that’s with musical theatre, e-Sports, math contests, athletics, or GSA.

These groups cultivate the school’s culture and builds strong friendships. Clubs and extracurricular groups haven’t been able to continue their usual activities, but that doesn’t mean that those connections are lost.
People are supported and shaped by the connections they make. Just knowing there are other people who want to share and support when someone is feeling burdened, can make one feel lighter and better.

Being in a community doesn’t mean problems can be solved immediately — it means problems can be faced together.
No one is actually sure what this new school year will look like. But the key is for people to connect with one another because, while life can be filled with disappointments, being with the right people can be the motivation to overcome those hardships.