Benedict Huszar / Staff Reporter

Due to Covid-19, Gleneagle was not able to do a remembrance day assembly. So this year the Leadership 12 students created a “virtual assembly” video to safely remember those who served in both world wars. 

The video starts with an introduction and land acknowledgment from hosts Amanda Palmatary, grade 12, and Pearl Chan, grade 12 followed by a beautiful performance of O’ Canada from Edward Trovato’s vocal jazz class. After the performance, Yunmin Lee and Serina Khakbazan  presented a series of poems.

A touching speech was given by guest speaker Bob Sutherland, a metis veteran about IndIgenous veterans and his story of being an Indegenous man in the Canadian Armed Forces. Afterwards there was a slideshow presentation about the many contributions and mistreatment of Indigenous soldiers in the first and second world wars, presented by ConX students Catherine King and Grace Kim. 

Next [,]the Gleneagle choir performed “He ain’t heavy, He’s my brother” by bob russell [bold name] . [remove period]Followed by a performance of “Bring him Home” by the choir in the main foyer. 

There was another speech from former Gleneagle students and armed forces member, Tim Laidler about what remembrance day means, the importance of remembering those who served, and appreciating the lives that we now live in Canada because of them. As well as sharing his story of being deployed to Afghanistan in 2008 and enlisting in the military whilst still attending Gleneagle followed by a strong message about mental health and not being afraid to find help. 

After the moment of silence, there was a special message from Coquitlam mayor, Richard Stuart about remembering all Canadians who were affected by war whether overseas or at home, and how that was similar to our unified fight the Covid-19 pandemic. 

No matter what form it takes, Remembrance day is an important time for everyone to appreciate and honour those who fought and died to protect the freedoms and way of life we often take for granted today.