Melika Ghasemi / Staff reporter

The new announcement of BC premier, John Horgan, voluntary returning to school has been a bit concerned some students and families while COVID-19 pandemic has still some chance to increase dramatically and make things worse. 

The statement has offered an optional choice for those family that disagree and prefer their children to continue online learning. Although, some parents that must come back to work, have decided to send their children to school by obeying all healthy restrictions and safety stuff, they still are anxious about what will take place and if they have made a wrong decision. 

Most of the students have their heart set on coming back to school as they have had a fun time both with their friends and teachers, but they know that nothing is going to be the same as it used to be. They cannot see and hug their friends anymore due to social distancing. It is approximately three months that students have been at home and had all their courses through several apps like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, it’s going to be a little hard for changing the routine and adapt to new method of learning. 

Some people think that the country must not reopen until the vaccine is made, and COVID-19 is something serious that even can continue for a few years. The only thing that can halt the spread is by staying at home and reopen the economy later.

 People can take risk about COVID-19, but it’s not a joke and it merely plays with people’s life and health of million individuals. When the schools reopen, students or teachers are not the only one who would be in danger, rather many employees who must work full time such as bus drivers, student’s parents or custodians, and so many other staffs at schools.

“I think schools should not be open until the end of the semester, because some students have gotten used to stay at home and study online, also, I do not think that it’s going to make different in students learning and their lifestyle for just 24 days,” said Kamyar Bagheri, grade 11.  

“My opinion on school returning is that it’s not quite a good idea [because] even though people are not going to be close to each other students still would want to hang out next to each other and stuff, but it’s helpful for those who need  extra assistance with their lessons,” said Emily Baker, grade 11.

The major factor that the government decided to reopen the school is returning to full-time classes in September 2020, but if cases increase then students cannot even see their classrooms till the next year specially those who are going to graduate this year can no longer say goodbye to their teachers.

 Unfortunately, in some countries, cases grew after the government declared that they could get back to real life and pretend that this new idea can be different and successful. Therefore, this idea of restarting the economy might be both beneficial or harmful for the country.

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