Quinn Macmillan / Staff reporter

Many news companies have different opinions and bias’ even though the news is meant to be impartial. The four news sources; CNN, NBA.com, CBS, and USA today all have bias on this same topic.

The Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert was the first NBA player to get COVID-19 , and after he announced he was positive on March 11, the NBA cancelled all games and put their season on pause, along with the rest of the world shortly after.

But on March 9, before he knew he was positive, Gobert was leaving a media shootaround when someone asked him about how he and his teammates were dealing with the virus.

 Gobert then proceeded to jokingly touch all the microphones as he said, “You know, there’s not much we can do right now.”

Quickly after his diagnosis, Gobert posted an apology to anyone he may have endangered and stated that he wished he had taken the virus more seriously.

Many of Gobert’s fans were quick to accept this apology and show support while others remain unhappy about Gobert’s actions.

The suspension of the 2020 NBA season is suspected to cost the league around one-billion dollars.

In the NBA‘s article released on March 27, they included Gobert’s apology but put it before they tell us about the controversy. This may be bias against Gobert as one of the last things people read in the article is about how he touched all of the microphones leaving a negative image of him in readers heads.

The article also leaves out any information on donations Gobert has made to people affected by the virus while CNN’s article bases its story on Gobert’s apology and $500,000 donation.

CNN fully takes Gobert’s side as there are only three sentences at the end of the article talking about touching the microphones. They also describe his actions as a ‘prank’ to make them seem less serious.

CBS takes Gobert’s side as they don’t mention the microphone controversy and base the article off of how Gobert tweeted that the virus had made him lose his sense of smell. They do however mention his donation and shared some of his positive messages that he has posted on social media.

Big news companies like CNN and CBS may be taking Gobert’s side as to keep the news positive and to keep Gobert as a star to any fans reading the news whom would be quick to submit bad reviews. They would also most likely be quick to hear from Gobert’s agents and possible a lawsuit if Goberts image was destroyed by these news companies.

USA today‘s article updated on March 12 was mainly focused on how the NBA shutdown after Gobert tested positive. They reported on how Gobert touched the microphones but mainly threw out points that stated that the NBA’s suspension was due to Gobert instead of the virus. They also provide a picture when users first enter onto the article that shows Gobert with his hands on his head next to the picture of the NBA logo with cancelled written in red letters over it.

This could be seen as bias due to the way the present their article. Readers will immediately connect the picture and think that this was only Gobert’s doing. USA today, being and American news station, probably didn’t want to blame the NBA for pausing the season as they profit off of NBA games as they do many reports on close to all NBA games.




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