Kaden Mann / Staff reporter

Bias reports between two of the main news sources, FOX and CNN have been shown in many articles. FOX news supports the Republican party, supporting President Donald Trump. Reading articles from FOX news and supporting research identified a target audience and political ties as reason for bias. The news channel FOX has been practicing biased reporting in favour of the Republican party. According to “Allsides News” Fox news is bias. News article: https://www.allsides.com/news-source/fox-news-media-bias has shown proof of bias. Jonathan Bernstein, author, also defined “Fox News as an expanded part of the Republican Party.”  

According to a New York Times article, based on Nielsen statistic, FOX news targets Americans “in the 25-54 age group.” Having a target audience is evidence of a conflict of interest aiming for a certain demographic of the country.

Another American news channel CNN also has had bias targeting president Donald Trump contradictory of FOX news supported him. Articles and stories from television have shown that there is a preconceived notion connected to CNN news. This news channel supports, and favours Democrats directed to an audience that doesn’t support president Donald Trump.  

The President himself believes they are bias, for example when CNN reporters have interviewed him in the past, he got aggressive and did not answer reporters’ questions calling them fake news believing their unfair and making false accusations against his Republic party. He also sent CNN a four-page letter that pledges legal actions for “highly biased news.”  

American Lawyer Charles, Harder defended Trump and claims that CNN has violated the Lanham Act for making misrepresentations to the public and advertisers for spreading fake news toward president Trump.  

CNN journalist, Don Lemon laughed at guests mocking Trump supporters according to Student News Daily a video, “Don Lemon laughed heartily/hysterically as CNN contributors, Rick Wilson (Republican strategist and anti-Trumper) and Wajahat Ali (who is also a New York Times op-ed writer), mocked Trump supporters as unintelligent rubes who couldn’t read or spell and were ignorant of geography.” This displayed prejudice by the CNN hosts as they were laughing and mocking Trump supporters and spreading misleading information about people who supports Trump. 

The population should be concerned as News channels and published articles are a source of information. Reporting with a conflict of interest could negatively influence voters and its impact could be destructive to the democratic process.