Melika Ghasemi / Staff reporter

When COVID-19 spread in all over the world, people encountered a sudden fear of losing their loved ones, health, jobs, and country’s economy. This has been become an unresolved problem in almost a myriad of countries including the United States. 

Governors and top health experts had several doubts and debates about President Donald Trump’s goal of starting to reopen the U.S economy as early as next month (in May), they were concerned that there had to be a health care recovery before there could be an economic recovery. Also, opening too quickly could lead to other significant issues beside economy.

 Phil Murphy of New Jersey said on CNN’s “I fear, if we open up too early and we have not sufficiently made that health recovery and cracked the back of this virus, that we could be pouring gasoline on the fire, even inadvertently.” “CNN News reported from the social commentary and political point of view, which CNN Digital is the number one online news destination.”

New Jersey and New York state have endured the heaviest and toughest death toll from the spread of the COVID-19, virtually more than 21,000 deaths in the U.S. Governors and local officials in white house are working so hard for caring more about isolation, social distancing, postponing schools, and reduce the hours of stores. “We are fighting to stay ahead on bed capacity, ventilators that are constantly running thin, the medicine people need for those ventilators, the personal protective equipment, and the relief from health care of workers,” added Murphy. 

Trump said, “people want to get back to work,” on Fox News. “We are setting up a council of some of the most distinguished leaders in nearly every field, including politics, business and medical, also, we will be making that decision fairly soon.”

“According to Donna Halper, professor of media Fox News viewer is mostly white, over sixty, conservative, Republican, and male. There are also some women over sixty who watch Fox News, but the point is the Fox News audience skews older.”

This might be due to the majority of younger people do not show any interest in political news and old men always follow to be aware of what is happening all around the world, then at least they can share their own knowledge to their family members.

Some individuals think that Trump’s rapid action to reopen the economy has had both affirmative and negative vote bias it. On one hand people have second thought about how the new rules are going to work and also some parents were worried about how to send their kids to schools. On the other hand it would be peasant for those kind of people who likes to start their work and earn money again.

BBC News had several issues on Trump’s action as well. People mostly guess, if Trump urges workers and mayors to reopen businesses and schools and people continue their regular job and pretend that nothing has happened, and COVID-19 would not spread among individuals anymore, then Trump will probably portray himself as a hero. But if the White House ignores the health of millions of an innocent people and try to obtain things that increase the economy and prosperity compare to other countries, then it would be a catastrophe if the disease rapidly spreads once again and Trump would face a worse and an irreparable problem.

BBC News reporters were totally against Trump’s new idea of restarting the economy as soon as cases reach their minimum or no cases at all. A world renowned sites such as BBC demonstrated their opposition by involving interviews that disagreed and called him racist and selfish to other people’s opinions.

In Washington, lawmakers and administration officials those who could earn so much money made some progress in breaking a stalemate over a $520 billion loan program for distressed small businesses. Trump has been having conversations, both formally and informally, in recent weeks with business leaders like Michael Corbat and Brian Moynihan, about how to support the economy and when it might be able to reopen. 

David Mcintosh said, “The longer we stay shut down, the worse off people will be and the harder it will be getting people jobs so they can go back to work.” Some business leaders have been particularly frustrated that government is not being realistic and sure about the economic consequences of the situation with COVID-19 and if it would make the situation even worse than what it is now.

Therefore, the life and destiny of people in America depends upon the last outcome of the government’s decision and obviously it’s going to be the biggest and toughest decision they have ever had to make. 



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