Zackary Wilensky / Staff reporter 

Language bias in media reporting can influence the reader to view events in a conservative or liberal manner. 

As the covid-19 pandemic continues to grow, especially in the United States. Donald Trump is being put at the top of most major news sites. This comes with a lot of bias news articles for and against Trump. It is hard to find what truly happened when there is so much bias in news writing. 

On Monday April 13 Trump had a news meeting about the coronavirus. Trump was talking about the timeline of events and when he acted to implement travels bans. He also showed a video which was a compilation of different people saying what he had done well. 

During the interview CNN had these headlines. 

“Angry Trump uses propaganda video, produced by government employees at taxpayers’ expense.”

“Angry Trump turns briefing into propaganda session.”

“Trump uses task force briefing to try and rewrite history on coronavirus response.”

 All these headlines are very biased and anti-Trump. These statements are biased because of the language they are using. For example the use of the word propaganda, it puts the reader in the mindset that what is going to be said will be false and they shouldn’t listen to it. As well they used the “Angry Trump” instead of just Trump which again puts him at a negative point saying that he may have lost control and can’t contain his emotions.

Their targeted audience is a more left leaning audience who don’t like Trump, so it makes sense for them to have these headlines. It is directly targeted at their audience.   

Within the article the biased continued.  

“He stepped to the podium armed with a video.”

This is more bias because they could have just that he had a video but usually when you’re armed it isn’t good because you may have a weapon. The writer was using the same effect to make the video sound worse. 

On the other side of the political spectrum there is Fox News. Their targeted audience is more right leaning on the political spectrum. Fox News usually supports Trump in their articles. Their article was had less bias, but it was still present. 

“He also slammed both Democrats and the media for criticizing the move to stop flights from China into the United States.” Fox News.

The bias in this line is using the word slammed. They are trying to make him look like the better than the democrats and the media.  

Something that wasn’t mentioned in the Fox News article but was in the CNN article was that Trump said, 

“When somebody is president of the United States, your authority is total.”

This line is untrue and not supported by their constitution. It makes sense why CNN put this in their article and why Fox did not. CNN would like to highlight the mistake because that’s what their audience is looking for. Fox doesn’t want to make Trump look worse if they don’t have to and is why they didn’t include this in their article.   

CBC and The Globe and Mail also published articles on this topic of Trump saying that he has total authority. Their articles were at a much more neutral stance than CNN and Fox.  

They reported on how what Trump said was untrue and talking to some of the Governers.  

It’s hard to find what really happened in news now a days because depending on what site you go to you could be looking at a completely different story.