Zoe Gao / Staff repoter

U.S.medical products maker Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M) said in a statement Friday that it was under pressure from the White House to stop exporting N95 masks to Canada and Latin America.

“The U.S. President Donald trump tweeted late Thursday night that he “gave 3M a good shot” and referred to U.S. defense production laws, saying the company would pay a high price. Under the law, the President has the power to require private companies to produce defence products in national security emergencies and to control their sales.”This is really ridiculous,Trump said gave 3M a good shot, is will make people have opinion to Trump , and It is disrespectful to 3M and unfriendly to the people of our diplomatic and neighbouring Canada.

“In a statement, 3M welcomed the administration’s use of defense production laws to secure supplies of critical medical supplies, but noted that cutting off supplies to health care workers in Canada and Latin America, where 3M is a critical supplier of masks, would have serious “humanitarian consequences.” On the other hand, the practice could lead to retaliation and imitation in other countries, which in turn could affect supplies of masks and other medical products in the United States.”They can’t guess what will some countries do, this is highly unofficial.

3M’s full name is “Minnesota mining & manufacturing company,” which is short for the three main words that begin with M. It is a multinational integrated manufacturing company with factories in many countries, including China, and a branch in Canada. But 3M Canada does not make masks.

Asked about the incident Friday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada also sends medical supplies to the United States, and many nurses from Windsor, Ontario, cross the border every day to work in Detroit. It is wrong to restrict the flow of goods and services between Canada and the United States.

3M’s factories produce 1.1 billion masks a year. The company said in a statement that 10 million N95 masks are being shipped to the United States from 3M’s factory in China. The company will work closely with the government to try to expand production.

“It’s very disappointing,” Ontario premier Doug Ford said. In the face of a major crisis, the United States has cut off supplies to its closest ally. Our relationship is too good to be acceptable.”
This action by the United States is inhuman and immoral. Canada and the United States are both Allies and neighbors. This action by the United States is to push the whole country and people of Canada into dire straits. The United States has no consideration for the safety of health care workers and people in Canada, and banning the export of essential N95 respirators under such severe conditions will greatly increase the chances of health care workers and the general public infected with novel coronavirus.