Kieran Dixon / Staff reporter

Bias in media is often portrayed in very minuscule or unnoticeable ways. many news sources across Canada and America cater to certain demographics based on where they are. In recent months a lot of misleading or bias news has come about surrounding COVID-19′ possible long term effect on the economy, bias both for and against reopening the economy has surfaced and here are some examples.

The novel corona virus Sars-Cov-2 first surfaced in the city of Wuhan China in late December 2019. Since then COVID-19 has taken a heavy toll on people all around the world, both financially and mentally.

“You can absolutely open up more segments of the economy safely,” said Steve Scalise, reporter for breitbart news. Reports have shown that America is currently number one in the world for COVID-19 cases, and infections are still climbing across the state. With such high numbers in nearly every state, providing information such as this instills false hope in those itching to get the american economy back up and running again. rushing into things to early at a time like this has a risk of creating a spike in cases

Companies around the world, both large and small have been forced to shut their doors due to loss of sales and lack of customers, caused by worldwide shutdowns. Many local services that we use everyday have been forced to make cutbacks, that many employees and employers alike will not be able to survive.

bias information can be presented from many different perspectives to many different demographics, and can argue many different sides. In an article published by CBC, reporter Don Pittis said “Now that China’s problems have swept the world, sending stock markets into turmoil, many early forecasts seem laughably optimistic” arguing that stock markets wouldn’t be crashing if it wasn’t for china. Early reports showed that Americans and Canadians were not prepared for an outbreak when it happened, and did not follow social distancing guide lines. misleading information like this is displayed through news like this every day, often the bias goes unnoticed

Much of the information being released in this time is hitting people’s ears in different ways, many news sources (Fox News) release daily updates pertaining to Americans that want to get the economy started again, and those who believe implementing or simply extending stay at home orders are a “violation of their human right”, without recognizing the risks of opening up a country that is still growing in cases day by day.