Hadrian Lau / Staff reporter

Parasite is a 2019 South Korean black comedy thriller film directed by Bong Joon-ho. It is a story about the Kim family take advantages from the Park family in order to make money and turned into a tragedy at the end.

Many people believe that the Kim family lied and cheated on the Park family are the “bad guys.” Instead, the movie has no so-called “good guys” and “bad guys.”

The movie can also be seen as a warped strive-story. Although everything the Kim’s family played were petty tricks, they strive to get into the higher class of the society, dreaming to live in the Park family’s villa.

They use dirty strategies to keep working in that family, which makes the audience feel resonating at first with pity and, at the end, disgusted. 

As a family in poverty, the most ridiculous thing can be found was no room to advance or retreat in this society. They never had a chance to became part of the high class from the beginning, When they want to just do what they were meant to, did the society ever give them chances? 

For example, a storm, which the Park family see as air purifying, destroys the Kim’s family’s original home. The only method they have left is to continue to work at the Park’s family in order to survive. Imagine if the others gave them chances to work, or they are not living in a half basement, do they have another choice?

When we contrast it into our society, the rich people can nearly do whatever they want, even their desire and haughtiness are more refined then the poor people.

When the poor people want to get a job, they will be refused as they don’t have a high educational backgrounds or experience, but how are they supposed to get these titles as everything in this society needs money. 

Park Dong-ik, father of the Park’s family, acted by Lee Sun-kyun’s most memorable impression of the Kim’s family were their ‘smell’. Park Da-song, son of the Park’s family, acted by Jung Hyeon-jun, also stated that the members of the Kim’s family all smell the same.

The ‘smell’ is the most interesting symbol in the movie, not only described how they physically smell, but also representing the scent of poverty which they can’t cover. 

When this symbol is used on the Park’s family, it became loathing to people who has low social status. The Kim’s family try everything they can do to became one part of the high class of the society, but it in Dong-ik’s point of view, they were even less important than a car key, and they were all parasites.

The ending of this story gives the movie a perfect period. After Kim Ki-woo‘s, son of the Kim’s family, acted by Choi Woo-shik, brain was damaged, he would be laughing unconsciously. This simple emotional expression seems to be the last resource of entertainment for the poor people. 

After he knew that his father was living at the abandoned basement of the Park’s villa, he set up a plan to rescue him, but “no plan, is the plan that will never go wrong,” said his father, so every plan will end up to failure.

At the time the audiences are laughing at the Kim’s family sneaked under a desk to hide from the Park’s couple attention, they were actually laughing at themselves unconsciously. [maybe write, resistance ends up futile] Every resists humans have done to the reality will ended up as futile acts, and after all the hard work, everything will be back to its starting point. This, is the metaphor of the society the movie has brought us.