Lauren Tuck & Abagail Staff / Staff reporters

Tomorrow is the big day of the annual Talons garage sale. The sale will be going on from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m, so don’t miss your chance to support a great cause. All proceeds collected from the fundraiser will be given to Gleneagle’s Me to We to help build a brand-new school in Kenya, Africa to give children in need the chance to learn and have fun in a school environment. 

The Talons have been working hard and collecting donations over the past few months in anticipation for this big fundraiser. They have set up booths in the foyer and collected donations such as toys, games, and books to sell at the big sale. Every item donated over these past few months has made a big difference towards the project. The sale has also been announced during the school’s morning announcements and through posters hung up around the school to spread the word about the fundraiser to help more students and staff to get involved in the event.