Wendy Yang / Staff reporter 

On February 20, Andy Chen and Christian Smith, both grade 9, started a school fundraiser for the hospitals in Wuhan because of the Coronavirus, COVID-2019. They visited the classroom of Indra Erlendson, English teacher, on February 21 during block 3.

They talked about the Coronavirus briefly and asked for donations. All funds they collect will go towards buying medical equipment. They are currently trying to contact the company ProGear to order the medical equipment. All the equipment will immediately be delivered to various hospitals in Wuhan.

“I was born in Wuhan, my hometown, and lived there for about ten years. I have memories on every street of Wuhan,” said Chen.

“Every morning in Wuhan, [I walk] to a restaurant called the Noodle House that is under my house to buy my favourite food called ‘Hot Noodles with Sesame Paste’ (热干面), then sit beside the streets, listen to people talking about exciting events that are happening and enjoying the fresh air in the warm weather,” said Chen. “That is the happiest moment in a day. However, now it is all gone.”

“The noodle house is closed, the streets are empty, and everyone is talking about the upsetting news,” Chen explained.

Chen expressed his feelings of stress and sadness of watching his hometown change.

“When I saw the news about the death counts in Wuhan, I felt guilty. I sit on a couch far away from all those people who are at high risk of death,” said Chen.

“While my friends and families are at the risk of losing their lives every day. It is unfortunate to know that more and more people are starting to understand Wuhan as the place of diseases,” explained Chen. “I know that I need to do something; even a small thing could count. I want to help the situation that added joy and happiness to my memories.”

Chen’s uncle works at Hubei television station. His uncle will be supporting the donation and helping ship the items overseas. Chen will focus on buying masks and goggles using the donations.

“As of right now, we’ve received about 1000 dollars of donations; it is 20% of our goal, which is 5000 dollars. There are people who do not believe in our program; however, most teachers and students are very supportive of this program,” concluded Chen.

Students interested in donating can reach out to Erlendson before spring break. For more information, visit Chen’s website at Support-wuhan.com.