Robert Jang / Staff reporter

The highly contagious virus called COVID-19 (coronavirus) is now raging the world, and the most devastated country is China, the origin of this viral disease. According to WHO (World Health Organization) on March 9 , 109,578 infected people are found globally; however, among those, 80,904 – about 75% – are found in China.

In Wuhan, there are so many infected people that the capacity of medical services has already been overrun, leaving most of those infected without proper care. In addition, Chinese government is not supplying medical and food supplies to Wuhan.

The huge differences between the official number and comments and opinions from uploaded videos on YouTube by the medical staff in Wuhan are only making things worse. Now, Chinese government is falling under the doubt that it is not announcing the exact number of confirmed cases and deaths.

The government is also under the suspicion that it is controlling the social media: if someone posts some information about the dark side of this situation, the questioned account immediately blocked, and the arrest orders are immediately following. 

People in Wuhan are becoming more and more restless and beginning to oppose the Communist party of China, finally demanding more freedoms and rights through various social media platforms. For example, people such as Chen Qiu Si, a lawyer, Fang Bin, a reporter, and Li Wenliang, the first doctor to alert the public about the virus outbreak, spoke out against the Communist party. Mysteriously, all three have gone missing or have recently been found dead, and the public security of China is refusing to give out any information.

This is an invasion of human rights: controlling the media, blocking their accounts because they speak of the truth. Those brave enough to challenge the government authority vanished without the trace and found as a corpse. Chinese government is undermining the basic human dignity just for hiding the dark side of the situation to save the government’s face. In this second decade of the twenty first century, few human rights are found there, and the whole world needs to see to it to help those who are oppressed. Now is the time we need to pay attention, not only to fight back this virus that kills people, but also to combat political virus that murders human spirits.