Kiran Nijjar / Staff reporter

Last week in ME to WE the club was organizing climate change activities and organizing a “Kindness Week”.

Last week in ME to WE Adam Crepsi, a grade 10, was running the sponsorship committee for the event they are working on in support of climate change awareness called “come on out”. He says “I’m working with a few other ME to WE members to choose stores around the community and ask them for sponsorships in the form of food, decorations or money for the event. Getting sponsorships is a lot of fun and a really great way to get to know business owners in your local community”. 

Kathryn Welsh, A Spanish teacher who was running an event last week says “This week is “Kindness Week” run by the ME to We club. Monday is friend to friend kindness, Tuesday is student to teacher kindness, Wednesday is kindness to strangers day (in collaboration with anti-bullying pink shirt day) and Thursday is teacher to student kindness.”.

ME to WE at is a school club that teaches leadership skills, travel experience and selling lifestyle products. All this helps fund the ME to WE charity which was founded in 2008. This club is to raise awareness in our community about global poverty and helps organize fundraisers to help countries across the world. There is a Me to We meeting every Thursday at lunch in room 126. This group is open to any student who wants to join and is a very good learning experience to show students what we can do to help other countries and people in need. It is also a way to make new friends that you meet and bond within the club.