Noora Shirazi / Staff reporter

21st century teacher is a term that is frequently tossed around the media. So beyond being up to date with the latest classroom technology, what does a 21st century teacher look like? 

Lori Gregory, career life educator, student services, and peer tutoring teacher, thinks as a 21st century teacher, first, “you have to love to be around their energy and the hob bob of kid activity and hear their conversations and listen to them talk about the latest song in their brains” and second, you must “have the passion and fulfillment that comes with helping another human,” said Gregory.  

Gregory thinks that in old classes, works were hands on and more involved in the kids and their outside lives, not just their school lives. “Teachers didn’t always feel this pull to retreat to their desk to keep up with the flow of the emails.” said Gregory.  

Mohammad Honarpisheh, grade 12 student, thinks young adults socialize less by saying, “there are less people interactions and kids have their heads in their phone all the time.”

Using more technology in class rooms, speeds up the pace of work and uses a lot less paper which is beneficial for the environment.  

“It is the future, so your generation has become tech savvy. Because all the jobs no matter what it is, it needs tech.” said, Gregory.

According to Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, central to today’s teaching and learning are inquiry-based and “student-centered approaches and techniques shaped by networks, collaboration, technology and design.”  

Ramon Kasiri, a graduated student from Gleneagle and a tutor, on his thoughts about modern teachings, said, “at that time, teachers didn’t sit and work of a computer, they sat in a class of 30 kids and help and had a laugh here and there.”