Misha Boyko / Staff reporter

On January 31 the school gathered for the Spirit Assembly, where the entire school was split up into teams based on grade. Each team had to wear a colour in support for their team. Nines wearing black, tens wearing yellow, elevens wearing blue, twelves white and teachers grey.

The assembly started off with loud cheers from each team, in support for their representatives that were being called up one at a time. Every team had four or five representatives that competed in fun games to win points. There were multiple types of games played from trivia all the way to stacking cookies on one’s head.

“The assembly held a good atmosphere and most of the games were entertaining and fun to watch. This spirit assembly was a good way to get people more connected to each other and the school.” Stated Jackson Cyr, grade 11. The inclusion of an air-gun that shot shirts into the crowd got a good reception from the students. Me to We, also had a fundraiser to help build schools in Kenya, so that kids there can have the education they deserve. Many students donated their spare change to the cause to help the fundraiser.

The games continued and in the end the grade twelves came out on top with their school spirit.

Afterwards the school said goodbye to the temporary principal, Karen Jensen, who was here while the school searched for a permanent replacement. Gleneagle welcomed the new principal, Wendy Yu, who was welcomed with open arms to Gleneagle. Yu wrapped up the assembly with a speech, introducing herself and her values to the students and staff of Gleneagle.