Wendy yang & Zoe Gao / Staff Reporters

Chinese Culture Club had a paper cutting and writing spring couplets on Friday, January 31, 2020, that activity was to celebrate Chinese Lunar new year.

There are four leaders of the Chinese culture club, Alissa Xiang, Jiayi Pan, Allen Li, and Sharif Hebrahim, and there are friends with others. The original intention of our club was to let everyone genuinely understand Chinese culture and celebrate every festival in China.

This activity was about to write spring couplets and Chinese traditional paper cutting. “In China, spring couplets and paper cutting were having a long history, and spring couplets were printed on the red paper and use Chinese calligraphy, on the spring couplets usually as a decoration for the new year, express happiness and hopeful ideas for the coming year.

Chinese paper cutting was the same moral as spring couplets. The most two famous characters in Chinese are “福” (fú, meaning ‘lucky’) and “囍” (xǐ, meaning ‘double happiness’). Even to this day, Chinese people love to hang paper-cutting or spring couplets of these two characters at their doors. “福” is usually used during the Chinese New Year’s Festival, indicating people’s wishes for a successful year. “囍” can often be seen at the windows or door of newly-weds,” said Xiang

Chinese culture club always use different activity to attract the students who interest about chinses culture, and also have the experience for this activity, however, the leaders of Chinese culture club, they want more students to understand Chinses culture.

“We will also hold a variety of food sales and celebrations of traditional Chinese festivals in the future. For example, they will sell cold noodles, celebrate the dragon boat festival, and also will have an activity to draw the facial design of Peking opera and Beijing opera,” said Xiang.

“The most harvest for the leaders of Chinese culture club was Handle interpersonal relationships and take responsibility. The most important thing is a happy time with friends,” said Pan.