Jordan Sutherland / Staff reporter

The Gleneagle Jazz programs have been working hard for their annual Jazz Gala on February 29. The event is catered as parents and guests are invited to spend an evening listening to performances by the Jazz students as well as guest performers.

Edward Trovato, music teacher, has been working on the gala repertoire with the students since the beginning of the year. The gala will feature songs from the fall concert as well as new pieces. “It’s always a bit of a time crunch because of the timing of the gala, however we always pull together.” Trovato explained.

The show will showcase guest performer Bryan Vance, tenor saxophone player with backup from Three city jazz. Solo sections and pieces from Kayla Price, Liam Northcott, John Song, Amanda Ding and many others will be showcased.

This is the twelfth annual Jazz Gala which also features a silent auction. Prizes such as tickets to the symphony and the BC Lions as well as some donated art work from Ontario.

Unfortunately, ticket sales have ended, however VIPs at the Gala include Mayor Richard Stewart, Assistant Superintendents and amoung them, a past Gleneagle principal Gerald Shong.