Jake Kim / Staff reporter

The business club is open for the students wants to learn about various aspects of business and conduct varied business-related events.

The core of the business club is that no business experience and skills are required to join the club, so they can easily access to business study.

“I have touched a little bit with business but not too much. I joined the club to experience [business] [and] to have some fun,” said the business club member Elain Xiao grade 11. she also have commented about the club “I think it’s a good experience to learn and it’s a good place to think with like mined people.” added Xiao.

“Business club is geared towards anyone who has any interest in helping with impactful events, developing their confidence and speaking skills or just joining a fun community of like-minded people,” said Valerie Zhang grade 11 and business club leader. “We really want to expand our reach to anyone who wants to join, regardless of your past experience,” Zhang continued.

A large-scale business competition could be good opportunity for students. “It’s like a huge thing in business. I think it’s a good opportunity for me to expand and try to find areas that I’m interest in,” said Xiao.

But it could be also frightening for high school students “The world of case competitions and business-related initiatives is incredibly daunting to high school students,” said Zhang “We’re trying to make it less intimidating so more students can challenge themselves through participating in intense competitions and helping with our club initiatives,” Zhang continued.

The club is planning to go to several business competitions “We’re planning to go to miniEnterprize, a business case competition. We’re also planing to go to numerous other ones that will be happening later on in June,” said Zhang.

Also, they are training for the competitions “We are practicing case competitions which basically they present your case and you point out the strength and the things that could be improved,” said Alejandro Silvestre grade 12 and business club member “It’s being really fun and educational about business. I’m excited for the competition.” Silvestre continued.

Silvestre also strongly recommends this club “I will say definitely try out [the club], you will have a totally new world view on business and we’re all consumers so it’s something that you want to be interested in and know what are the retailer’s strategies.” Said Silvestre.

“It might not be everyone’s interest so if you want to expands entrepreneur and business skills, I think it’s a really good club for you to join,” concluded Xiao.