Abigail Lim/Staff Reporter

With so many students having different cultural backgrounds and coming from all around the world at Gleneagle, the Chinese culture club offers the opportunity for students to learn more about Chinese culture. Lead by student sponsors Allen Li, Sharif Hebrahim, Alissa Xiang, grade 10, and Jiayi Pan, grade 12, organize different Chinese cultural events and activities at school. 

Since the Chinese culture club started in September, the club has hosted several Chinese cultural events at school.   

Most recently, the club set up their dumpling sale in November. This allowed more people at school to know more about Chinese culture. 

“There are a lot of Gleneagle students that have never tried dumplings before, and we offered them a great opportunity to have some food that we really enjoy,” Li said. 

“As a result, the sale was very successful with good profits and the students really liked the dumplings,” Xiang said. 

Not only were the club members able to share something they liked about Chinese culture, but this also became a learning experience for them as well. “[We learned] how to run an activity between our club and school,” Pan said. 

Li also explained how a goal for the leaders was “to improve ourselves and [learn] how to run the club, how to organize the events.”  

When they prepared for any of the club’s events, the leaders always have tasks prepared for the club members which let them engage themselves with the Chinese cultural experience.   

After the members interacted and spent time with each other, the leaders shared that they were inspired by their ideas. 

With the club members’ support, the leaders have many more event ideas for after the winter break. They currently do not have anything planned for after the break. However, the leaders said they may be selling things such as Chinese crafts or food.  

In addition, they may also participate in the Chinese New Year Gala held by the international community club.  

So far this year, there are around 30 students in the club, and students who are interested in Chinese culture are encouraged and welcome to join.   

For now, the Chinese culture club meets on Tuesdays during lunch in room 215. The leaders will change their meeting time later during the school year that will better suit club member’s availability.