Elliott Freeman  / Staff reporter              

Last week Brian Unger, socials teacher and ski and snowboard club sponsor, announced that due to a lack of snow on whistler the ski and snowboard club will postpone their first trip on December 14 to February 5. The new first trip will be on January 18.

The snow quality of the mountain was poor and is leaned towards ice and slush. Students who have already paid will not lose any of the opportunities they have already paid for, the only differences are the date and the chance of having a more enjoyable time with better power to ride in.

The attending students will have an early start, leaving for Whistler at 6 A.M. and return at about 6 p.m. The students will have a full day on the slopes riding with people in their skill to create a more enjoyable experience.

The club will have a total number of three trips to Whistler for the students who paid for all three, students also have options to go to only one or two of the trips.