Misha Boyko/Staff reporter

The new Google Stadia is the future of gaming, and people are excited.

Stadia is a new way to play videogames. With virtually no space taken up—not including the controller and the optional Chromecast—and players don’t have to waste any time downloading games because all of them get streamed by a separate server.

The project was first debuted in October 2018 in a closed beta, specifically running Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Then finally publicly released on November 18, 2019 in select countries.

Stadia also lets people play on any screen they want; it could be on a TV, phone, tablet, computer monitor, etc. Stadia operates using Wi-Fi of course, so all a consumer needs to operate Stadia is a decent Wi-Fi connection.

Stadia is worth buying, it’s a new and revolutionary way of gaming and it has a big upside of not taking up any space in the house and not overflowing the PC’s storage with games that might only be played on a few occasions.

Stadia makes it easy to try out any games without going through the hassle of constantly downloading or updating. And with a $10 (USD) monthly subscription the consumer is given access to a range of 22 games and growing. People have the option of buying the controller for $70 (USD), as Stadia is compatible with any USB connected controller. There is also the Chromecast for 90 dollars (USD), which connects to a router and creates a better and more direct connection, enabling 4K gaming with 60FPS.

When it was first released on November 18 consumers could get the Stadia Pro, which is a ten-dollar subscription of the program offering all the games in 1080p to 4K level gaming. Or Stadia Premiere edition which is 130 dollars (USD). It offers a controller, offered in three colours, the Chromecast, and three months free of the Stadia program itself. In the future google is looking to make the base Stadia program free for all to play, but it being free comes at a ‘price’.

The base program will have a max quality of 1080p gaming.

Making the base subscription free will give gamers the opportunity to give it a try before committing, this makes it very appealing for new customers.