Noora Shirazi / Staff reporter 

Following the Canadian Open Math Challenge (COMC) on November 7, Canadian Intermediate Contest and Canadian Senior Math Contest on November 20, Matheus Zhu, grade 12, said math club’s skills improved and they are “now used to the stress. I am [also] a lot better in managing my time during all of my tests.”  

On the other hand, Mahan Arbabinia, grade 9, said “practicing contest questions have helped my math skills, but I just don’t think that math contest is for me… I have fallen behind my deadlines.”  

Elisa Cho, grade 11, mentioned that she, “doesn’t necessarily like doing tests, but I think the hard work put into it gives back and is worth it.”

Ali Tootian, mathematics and sponsor teacher of math contest club, also participated in the COMC contest with the students to, “know how hard and tricky it was. It was also a nice experience… I didn’t want to just sit and watch students doing their test,” Tootian continued. “I even gave a question from the contest to my grade 10 students as a bonus question the day after.”  

“Compared to last year, there are a lot more members,” said Mohammad Honarpisheh, grade 12.  

Registration for the contests are closed; however, if students want to participate, they can be there on test day and participate.  

Cho thinks that contests are, “basic steps to reach your goal [because] they give you not only a stronger mindset to control your stress in competitive situations, but also a time to look back at yourself to think what you should learn afterwards. You need experience to apply for anything math or science-related.” 

Cho sees math contests as, “an opportunity to reflect upon [herself].”