Hadrian Lau / Staff reporter

Most people in high school might say that they don’t enjoy their classes, yet students of Gleneagle’s Korean class will say otherwise. According to Catherine King, grade 11, Korean class is “honestly so fun.” Yet what makes Korean class so different?

The Korean program first started as intro-Korean 11 with Langley Fine Arts School in September 2018. 

There are two different levels with intro-Korean 11 in block three with 27 students and Korean 11 in block two with 20 students. 

Janet Kim, career education, Korean and fashion teacher, began this program because of the students’ passion for Korean culture. “They express a lot of interest in K-pop, Korean fashion and K-dramas,” said Kim

Kim also stated that there aren’t that many opportunities for the students to learn Korean as a language or culture, “I think it would be great for students to learn [Korean] in class and get credit.”

King describes Korean 11 as an enjoyable and educational class, she noted that Korean class is always full of surprises and “it’s something you enjoy doing, that’s why you want to learn more about it.”

There are different variety of activities and students are given the freedom to study topics of interest in Korean in this class. For example, cooking Korean cuisine, creating scripts, practicing formal and informal speeches in Korean.

Agnes Huang, grade 12, stated that Korean class is slightly different than normal courses, it incorporates a wide range of learning method. “There was a time we cooked [traditional] Korean food in class, which was so fun,” said Huang. 

King also agrees with that point of view. “The workload isn’t too much,” said King. In addition, she also encourages others to join this class because “if you want to take it, then take it, it’s something you will enjoy.”

This freedom combined with experiential learning allows the students to build a friendly community within the classroom. But that’s not the only thing that makes Korean class a joyful place. Kim was mentioned by many students in a positive manner. 

King mentioned that “[Korean] is so easy to learn, maybe it is because Miss Kim teaches really well,” King also noted that the way Kim teaches helps the class to run fluently, stated that “[Kim] is not mean, but she is strict enough.”

A field trip to Korea will be held in July 2020, for around 2 weeks staying in a homestay, going to Korean school and travel around Korea. “Field trips might be able to attract more people to join [Korean] class,” concluded Huang.