The junior girls basketball team triumphed in a 48-16 victory in the first game this season on December 4 at Gleneagle. Going into the game, girls were passionate and confident. The team came up strong against their opponents from Pinetree Secondary and the girls persevered on their turf as they showed their viewers the strength of the Talons.  

This was the first match of the season, and the excitement could be felt through the walls of the gym. Once the girls got used to Pinetree’s plan of attack, the game started to go their way. The Talons used their skills to defeat Pinetree. “The game was wonderful,” said Sharif Ye, one of the grade 10 boys basketball team players.  

After the first ten minutes of the match, Gleneagle was at a disadvantage on the score, but all the team members kept their hard work. Alisa Xiao, a team member of the Talons, showed enthusiasm about the result of the game and the upcoming season, as she believed that the junior girls basketball team would be in the district championships competitively and thought they had chances of winning.

Xiao explained, “The reason why we could win the first game is due to our daily hard training,” the team trained three times a week since early October. 

This season is going to bring more challenges to the team. If they want to be successful, they are going to have to continuously practice and keep the high effort.