With intramurals soccer in the playoffs, teams are preparing for their final games.

With soccer coming to an end, teams are preparing for the next major sport, basketball. Future sports include badminton, table tennis, dodgeball, and possibly e-sports. Intramurals runs at lunch in the main gym mainly from Monday to Thursday and occasionally on Fridays. Depending on the time of the game, there can be one or two games per lunch hour.

“The people participating have been having fun, but I’m disappointed in the turn out,” said Peter Poka, coordinating teacherHe hopes to see more student involvement. “More girls, more grade 9’s, more students”, said Poka. “You do not have to have skill to play the sport”.

Poka cannot stress enough that he wants to see more student involvement. He wants to see more teams come out and play, like the Math Geeks. “They’ve been together for 4 years and they play everything. They come out and have fun, it’s exactly what the program is about,” said Poka

Some teachers have come out and gone on to face to face other teams. Poka has his own MVT (Most Valuable Teachers) team with Colleen KennadyDavid Salisbury, and Cam Comeau.

Poka was asked by the previous principal to run this club. Intramurals also have their own Instagram page where you can find photos of games and more information. Find them on Instagram at @talons_intramurals.