Charlotte Gao / Staff reporter

On Wednesday, 18 December, the international community club held the annual Christmas party at the school cafeteria.  

There were over 100 people present at the party; they came to celebrate an early Christmas. The party also made them take a break from their busy schoolwork. 

The goal of the international Christmas party, is to have international students learn more about Canadian culture, according to Jessica Qian, grade 12 party organizer, “because Christmas is one of the most important holidays, we want to celebrate together.”  

The international community club prepared for the party for about a month. “It was a great success; even though we faced a rushed schedule, we still made it as we worked unitedly,” said Qian.  

They divided their club members into different committees to be in charge of logistics, design & decoration. 

In order to break the ice, the party began with a lottery. Heidi Upton drew several ticket stubs which students entered when they arrived; the randomly chosen winners won prizes, such as a free ticket for lunch at the school cafeteria, a bar of chocolate, or candy. 

The first performance was a dance performance, performed by school’s K-Pop dance club; Qian was also one of the performers of the dance. “It’s my pleasure to perform at the party as we somehow added the vibe of celebration to the party. As a performer, I really appreciate that people pay respect and cheer for us,” said Qian. 

Agnes Huang, grade 12, performed two songs, “Mistletoe” and “All I want for Christmas is you”, and Hadrian Lau, grade 11, assisted her with his guitar. Although they prepared for it for almost two months, “I felt nervous before getting on the stage even [though] the audience are my friends,” Huang said. “In order to make myself feel better, I used both hands to hold the microphone.” 

In the second half of Huang’s “Mistletoe” performance, several students spontaneously turned on the flashlight on their phones, then held them up and swayed to the rhythm. “I was touched, I had no idea they would do that,” said Huang. 

Despite having graduated from Gleneagle last year, Ralph Yang returned to school to attend the Christmas party; “There was a magic show [that] really warmed me up, and it made me feel I am still the student of Gleneagle; I cheered with them; I didn’t feel strange. This party made me relaxed, and it made me take a breath out of my busy schoolwork,” said Yang. 

They also held an international Christmas party last year, “I think the party of this year was more successful than last year, there were more kinds of performances. Also, more students attended the party; the interaction with the audiences was better than last year. More importantly, it was well prepared, no awkward silence on the stage,” said Huang.