Evan Tseng / Staff reporter

Gleneagle’s Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) recently gave presentations to all Career Life Education 10 (CLE 10) classes about various LGBTQ topics such as LGBTQ issues in the workplace, intersectionality, LGBTQ history, and gender identity. 

The presentations took place on the 13 and 17 of December, with all but the Talons program class being presented to on the 13.  

According to Charlotte Alexander, grade 12 and co-leader of Gleneagle’s GSA, the goal of this presentation is to “integrate LGBT understanding into the social norm of Gleneagle.” She noted that our school has a very large LGBT population compared to other schools in the district and felt this presentation was important to their well being. 

This year, the GSA presenters have considered the large population of international students they will be presenting to. Topics were presented with simple language that was easier to understand than previous years, as well as personal examples from the presenters.  

The presentations went smoothly, with the classes being generally open to the issues being presented. “There were a few students chuckling a little in the back rows but that’s to be expected,” Alexander said. 

Jay Hamidova, grade 12 and co-leader of Gleneagle’s GSA expressed that she wanted more participation from classes during presentations. “Presentations are always pretty good and fun, but I really think [if students] jumped in and talked more it would make it [way better],” said Hamidova. 

“My views didn’t change but I learned a lot about the topics,” said Rowan Adrian, grade 10. “I didn’t know the definition of transsexual and pansexual before this and I feel like that stuff’s good to know.” 

Before the presentations, Alexander expressed the difficulty of catering to students with both a language and cultural barrier, noting that the LGBT communities are not as prominent in certain countries. The GSA wanted to help students from different cultures understand the struggles of the LGBTQ community and teach how to deal with interactions respectfully. 

The GSA have been doing presentations to CLE 10 (previously Planning 10) classes for 6 years. “We usually go into it a little scared of the reaction we might get,” Alexander said. “It’s almost always a positive experience with everyone being open but that doesn’t keep us from getting a little nervous.” 

“Overall the presentation went pretty standard,” Alexander said. “Since it’s our last year here, we hope the others will do the presentations justice in the years to come.”