Jim Ji & Theo Balabin

Gleneagle’s e-Sports team had to settle for silver after their loss to Pinetree secondary in SD43’s League of Legend final. 

Although Gleneagle lost 0-2 against Pinetree in the gold medal match, this event was a real success. “I was very excited and a little bit anxious before the game started because the music and the environment really made me feel that I was in a world tournament,” said Micheal Mao, a zealous audience member. 

For Gleneagle, hosting the district final was a great honor and responsibility “I want to thank Gleneagle for sure. I thought we are only going to play in computer room, but on stage, this is crazy,” said Ken Duong, a player of Pinetree e-Sports team. 

Jason Ba, a player of Pinetree e-Sports team, said that he respects Gleneagle as an opponent because the team neither overwhelmed by victory, nor discouraged by defeat. 

Unlike other teams in the district league, Gleneagle’s team was just set up this year; therefore, winning the silver medal is already impressive. “Even though we lost, I am super proud of everyone, and they really surpassed my expectation, especially since this is our first year,” said Sina Allen, the sponsor of the team. 

Every member’s improvement contributes to this result. “At the beginning of the season, we are at fifth place. Nobody was on the same page; nobody was communicating, but at the end…we defeated Port Moody secondary in semi-final and got the silver medal,” Allen said. 

For the team, playing on the stage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. “This is unforgettable, I was really nervous at first, but when the game started, I just focused on the game and tried my best,” said Sean Shen, a member of the team. 

For the organizers, this event isn’t merely about deciding the winner. “I hope students across district and Gleneagle can realize that e-Sports, much like traditional sport, can also be grand and exciting. To win, it also takes lots of dedication, hard work, and teamwork. By organizing this, I hope that I had an impact on the rising of high school e-Sports. Nothing would made me happier than seeing those students also appreciating this,” Allen concluded.