Minkyu Ju & Jiwoo Eom / Staff reporters

The Gleneagle guitar club is going to show their skills for a spring concert. The specific day has not been decided yet, but it will be between April and May.

There are many opinions to decide the music for the spring concert. “There are many opinions. However, most of [the guitar club] don’t like a classic music,” said Freddy Fan, grade 10.

Fan explained how they practice for the spring concert. “If we perform, each of us go second floor of MPR to not disturb or combine with their instruments,” said Jay Chen, guitar teacher. “Club meets up 2 times a week. a lot of the music-based skills have to been done by themselves”

Members of the Gleneagle guitar club practice individually at home. “I’m trying to practice an hour a day at my home,” said Johnny Huang, grade 11. “I practice guitar at least 30 minutes at my home,” said Fan.

Last spring, when the guitar club performed, there was lots of good feedback; however, there were also a few issues. Chen said, “the members performed great. However, there was an issue with sound system because we used mics in an open place.”

There are some expectations for the guitar performances. “Most people already have their skills before they enter the club, so I hope [for a] good result,” said Chen.