Andy Lee / Staff Reporter

The K-pop dance trend has hit Gleneagle secondary for the second time, making that trend create the first dance club in the school. People who are interested in joining can come by the drama room across the band hall on Fridays during block Y.

Last year, the students weren’t familiar with the club and were not motivated to join, but this year the students were committed to learn and give it their best effort. Club leader Jessica Qian hopes for new dancers to join, regardless of their dance experience. “If you are passionate about it and you’re willing to spend time practicing, then nothing is impossible, it’s actually during the practice, we get to know each other’s personalities, dance skills, and styles of dancing,” said Jessica Qian.

Most of the students could fear the fact that they are incapable of dancing like professional dancers would not be welcomed because of their lack of experience; however, Qian explained, “We have members who are passionate and willing to help. We normally stay after school and practice even outside the club time.”

All the members are kind and accepting of any kind of dancer, “If students have the motivation to dance, this would be a great benefit for all of them,” added Neeka Yazdani, a grade 10 club member.

 If the dancers are not familiar with the songs that are used, then they would usually use them for warm-ups. “We just use the music of the dance we are going to learn, so that the members get used to the tempo,” said Qian. The songs that are used are from K-pop girl groups such as Twice, Blackpink, Red Velvet, (G)I-DLE, and Everglow.

Once it comes to performances, Qian makes sure that all the dancers are set and ready to perform what they got. All of the dancers would have their parts memorized, and they would show what they are capable of, “So as the leader, I make sure that everyone knows the dance movement and formation, and when it comes to the performance time, we should be familiar with the dance.” Qian added. 

The official K-pop dance club might not be a well-known club yet, but it can be a great benefit for those who are interested in enhancing their dancing skills and showing what they can truly perform.