Abagail Staff / Staff reporter

Indonesia’s politics have been leaning more Western in recent years, specifically turning towards the USA. An election was held in Indonesia on April 17 2019 that caused riots and many people were injured.

These events all began in October 2004 when the sixth president of Indonesia was elected by the people. This was the first time that a president had been voted into office by the people.

In 2014 the 7th and current president was elected, but the election was extremely close and the son in law of the previous dictator lost 53 percent to 46 percent the riots that ensued caused many injuries and six deaths.  

Indonesian politics can have violent outcomes and we don’t hear about it here, this may be because of the shadow that America has on the world, we in Canada hear about things happening in the USA before many other things because they are one of our primary trade partners and they affect us daily.

The horrors of America are influential to many people in Canada. We are caught up in what America is doing that sometimes we do not notice things that are happening in the rest of the world. The changes in Indonesia are a big deal and deserve more recognition.

Indonesian politics are becoming similar to the United States just a bit more extreme. People are suffering serious losses because of the post-election riots.

The 7th president of Indonesia, Joko Widodo has recently been taken to court over accusations of election fraud, similar to what has been ongoing in the USA. Widodo has been implementing laws that restrict personal rights and this has also caused people to lash out against him.