Ty Rillorta / Staff reporter

Lori Gregory’s peer tutors shared stories of their lives in high school to inspire students in her career life education classes on December 6. 

The presentation consisted of Gregory’s peer tutors sharing stories of their life and struggles in high school as well as how they changed for the better. She wanted the grade 10’s to be affected by these stories. “I want students to be inspired by someone they see, and who is making a success for themselves in grade 12,” Gregory said. 

These struggles included topics such as not being able to understand English, having a different sexual preference, and growing up in a low-income household. Gregory added, “Everyone has some kind of struggle; I want these students to see themselves [and] how they could be in grade 12.” Even with some heavy subject matter, it was still a very casual and light-hearted presentation.   

Gregory has done this in the past, but there was a larger turnout for volunteers to choose from for them to share their stories this year. 

The purpose of career life education is to prepare students for the future. She teaches employability skills, how to choose post-secondary programs to get to the job you want and worker rights. Gregory says that these are valuable skills that students should have for the future.    

The class’s response to the presentation was positive. The students found the presentation to be helpful for them to hear. “I feel like the information was applicable and important to know,” said Rowan Adrian, grade 10. Ashley Huang said that there was an important lesson that she learned from it, “[It was] was very insightful. You should maintain a balance between academics and your relationships.” 

The peer tutors volunteered to do this for many different reasons; Sergey Popov did it because he “felt it could be a fun thing to do” and “I should be working on my presentations skills.” He wanted the audience to feel positive and think that they can be successful in high school even if it does feel hard or impossible. This is the main message and idea that this presentation is meant to reinforce. 

Gregory knows that it takes courage to share stories about their struggles. She intends to give students the confidence and knowledge they need throughout high school, and even through life.