Zoe Gao & Wendy Yang / Staff reporters

Throughout November 20 and 26, Key Club held a bubble tea sale to raise funds for the Kingdom of Swaziland for a water well. Each bubble tea was $4 and students chose from four flavors: brown sugar, peach green tea, original, and taro. The bubble tea was distributed on November 29.

Around 91 people ordered, including students and teachers. The most popular item was the brown sugar bubble tea. 

“We earned around four hundred dollars, so we [wanted] to build a water well for them because the Kingdom of Swaziland’s [dry weather] and lack of drinking water. We hope they can drink clean water,” said Agnes Huang, grade 12 and member of Key Club.

“After winter break, we will sell fried chicken, and Valentine’s day we will sell rose and chocolate,” added Huang.

“Key Club is a place to practice our team work ability,” said Hebe Cheng, grade 10 and Key Club member.