Devon Jones / Staff reporter

When most people hear about transit, they think of transportation and bus strikes. Yet for the world on June 8, 2004, it was all about the transit of Venus as it passed in front of the sun for only the fifth time that humans had witnessed it. This  NASA announced  that it was a view of a lifetime as anybody with a telescope could view Venus passing in front of the sun. 15 years later researchers have now developed a plan to get an even closer closer look.  

The event is called transit when an object passes in front of the sun creating a black visible object. Kids, adults and people often like to hear about what’s out there in the universe. On that day people saw proof of the second planet in our solar system for themselves!  

This story is related to the future for our discovery of the planets and we can get a new perspective on them. It can help others who do not believe you and can help spread awareness for schools. People today are discovering amazing things like planet nine named Nibiru and other things in the universe it’s great to see what happened only 15 years ago! Researchers at the University of “Buffalo” are designing a “stingray-shaped” spacecraft, called BREEZE, to get a closer look at Venus’s dark side. The craft will work partly by having wings that flap, like those of a stingray’s fins. Venus has a windy upper atmosphere and the spacecraft will be controlled by the Crash-worthiness for Aerospace Structures and Hybrids Team (CRASH). The design will be efficient in that it is using wind to help guide it and solar panel for power.  It will be used to collect data and other information about the second planet our solar system.  

In today’s world people are getting so much smarter every day, it can only be a matter of time before these planets are home!