Zoe Gao / Staff reporter

In October 2003,  exploration of the universe was one step closer when China launched Shenzhou5, its first manned space mission. The Chinese people were excited because it was the country’s first manned space shuttle.

It’s successful launch and return marked China’s becoming the third country in the world to send a human into the space, and like the Dongfanghong1, its first flight was the most completed relative to other countries( the Soviet union returned by parachute, and the United States did not orbit the earth) China’s first manned spacecraft, ShenZhou 5, has successfully returned to the ground.

The footage of astronaut Yang liwei exiting the capsule was broadcast live to the world. Xia said Yang Liwei was in good health despite his pale face. In fact, Yang Liwei at this time has been processed: he is the face of blood to open the door, and then the face of blood was wiped dry, re-shot out of the cabin screen.

Yang Liwei himself recently published a book on the cause of his facial injury. “the huge impact of landing, because the microphone has an irregular Angle, made me hurt the corner of my mouth

Shenzhou Launched from Jiuquan satellite launch center at 9:00am on October 15, 2003, astronaut Yang Liwei and a special Chinese flag were sent into space. Shenzhou 5 made 14 laps in orbit, lasting 21 hours and 23 minutes, and returned to the main landing site safely at 6:23 on October 16, 2003 after successfully completing various scheduled operations.

Now the spacecraft of the Shenzhou series has been carried out to the Shenzhou 10  in 2013, so far there is no news to carry out the Shenzhou 11. Shenzhou-10 launched at 17:38 am on June 11, 2013[FS1] , carrying three astronauts.

It will fly in orbit for 15 days and carry out the first space education for Chinese astronauts. Flight group by male astronaut Nie Haisheng, Zhang Xiaoguang and female astronaut Wang Yaping composition, Nie Haisheng as commander.

Because of Shenzhou5, China’s international standing has improved significantly.          

In 2019, China has set its sights on the moon. China’s Chang ‘e-4 is about to land on the moon. It is expected to land Chang ‘e-4 on the far side of the moon. This is the first mission on the far side of the moon