Minkyu Ju / Staff reporter

The junior boys basketball season started on November 25. Gleneagle grade 10 junior boys basketball team players have trained well, and hopes are high for a good season.

Last season, Gleneagle junior boys basketball team did not win the championships, but they could improve their teamwork. Roberto Arciaga, basketball coach, said, “We lost [to] Terry Fox by first match which was so close, but we got better as the season progressed.”

Arciaga said that last season was focused on rebuilding, as their lack of experience did not allow them to compete in the games at the level they wanted to.

The team has goals they are working hard to meet. Javier Sy- Qula, grade 10, said, “the goal as a team this season is to be top four within the district or make Fraser valley.”

The basketball team players are practicing steadily, Benjamin Palmier, grade 10, said, “I practice up to five hours a day, and as a team we practice two hours, three days a week.”

The basketball team still has some weaknesses and mistakes, but like anything, practice make perfect. Sy-Qula said, “Only hardships [have] a strong mental fortitude.”

There were some worries about the basketball team conditions but for now, Sy-Qula says “players are all conditioned very well or being worked hard to be properly conditioned. ”