Quinn Macmillan & Misha Boyko / Staff reporter

On Tuesday November 12, the leadership 12 class hosted the school’s first green fair in the gym.

Groups from across BC came to share their information about what their organization is and what they are doing for the environment. Oceanwise, Fresh Roots, Youth4Action, Coquitlam Watershed, OWL, Force of Nature, Fraser Basin Council (youth department and electrification), Go Green Chair, and City of Coquitlam (solid waste/urban wildlife/water conservation and forestry) were all of the 11 organizations that attended the fair.

Leadership 12 students, taught by Adam Hayes, oversaw the event including Lucas Hung, Connor Macmillan, Erik Iverson, Samantha Li, all grade 12, and Carter O’Neil, and Bill Nguyen both grade 11.

 “I was really excited by not only the organizations but the great level of student and teacher engagement,” said organizer Macmillan.

 “I thought the fair was very insightful and it taught me a lot about various local organizations that are helping our environment,” said Rachel DeCicco, grade 11.

This green fair took place after two climate strikes happened in downtown Vancouver showing how the environment and staying ‘green’ is more important than ever, making this green fair very important to all staff and students.

“In a time where climate change and humanity’s lack of environmental sustainability feel ever present, it’s gratifying to have lent a hand towards change,” Macmillan stated.

If you are interested in any information about the organizations and what they do, search up their organization and learn more about what we can do to help the planet.