Student Council’s Planning of School-wide Events

Michael Li

Staff reporter

Gleneagle secondary’s student council serves as a voice for students and raise the school spirit by planning school-wide events, all in the hopes of bringing up school morale and provide students with activities they enjoy.

The student council is planning the winter formal, a school-wide dance for Gleneagle students on December 10. Candyland is the theme. The dance also includes photo booths, music and foods for students to enjoy.

According to Tiffany Ke, grade 11, a student council member, the winter formal is “a nice way to celebrate” before everyone goes off for Christmas.

The 2019 Halloween fashion show on October 31 took place in the MPR. Students dressed in different costumes and walked on the stage.

Peri Morenz, the teacher responsible for the student council, said the planning was “well executed.” They had much more” positive feedback on the participation level compared to previous years”, she points out that she saw a lot more “staff and student spirit” when the fashion show is “held in a closed environment like the MPR.” Morenz complimented that the show was “well-executed” and “had a much better progress” compared to last year.

“This year’s Halloween has been “one of the most successful so far.” said Elaine Xiao, grade 11, student council executive member.

The group also have goals to connect more with the student body. Jiwon Hwang, grade 12, the president of the club, she plans to “encourage and promote the international demographics” to be a part of different events. Hwang points out that “school may be boring for some students, which it’s the student council’s duty to bring joy, positivity and ensure Gleneagle is an exciting place to learn.”

Lauren Wong, grade 9, member of the student council states that they “deliberate about certain aspects of events, like planning theme, dates” and talk with committees over specific jobs for everyone. Wong states the student council mostly solves problems “through communication,” so “people know cooperate” and they can “express new ideas” in the next meeting.

Morenz said that student council makes sure “the events go as smooth as possible,” they would “debrief after an event” as well as “take notes for next year’s group to improve” on executing the events.

In the spring, the student council will plan the spring carnival, which will include games for students to play. Further specific details about this event are not yet discussed nor planned.

The group will continue working to plan the winter formal, the spring carnival and other future events. They will continue to serve the as the students’ voice and keep up the school spirit!