Jordan Sutherland / Staff reporter

On November 21 and 22, drama students had their first showcases of the year. With three classes and five shows, the drama department worked very hard to finally unveil its productions. “Very focused on real issues and stuff like that that the kids aren’t as used to,” explained Justin Maller, drama teacher.

Three of the five shows were comedies and two were about school shootings. The first two shows on Thursday the 21 were showcased by the block 2 drama 9/10 class titled, That’s not how I remember it and It’s not you, it’s me both by Don Zolidis. On November 22, the first show was Dystopia also by Zolidis and performed by the block 5 drama 9/10 class. The last two shows were both school shooting awareness plays. Both put on by the block 3 drama 11/12 class, the last two shows were called, Bang Bang, you’re dead by William Mastrosimone and Declaration by Jonathan Dorf

Several students from theatre production volunteered to help with sound and lighting for the shows. Hailey Kuang, grade 11 and a member of theatre production, explained that students in theatre production take part in helping setting up and running shows.

That’s not how I remember it is a story of a mother and father telling their child how they met and arguing over what really happened. The audience found this show enjoyable and comedic with a touch of adult humour.

It’s not you, it’s me is a comedy about different ways to break up as well as how these happen. “The students work really well together, and their chemistry was great. They were also directed really well,” said Emily Lawson, grade 11.

Dystopia is an absurd comedy that pokes fun at popular dystopian teen novels such as Divergent, Hunger Games and Maze Runner. “It was really funny to watch because all the jokes landed, and all the kids knew what it meant, and they knew how to get a funny reaction out of it,” said Teagan Gard, grade 11.

Students worked hard to produce the two shows that brought awareness to the issue of school shootings. Students re-enacted what it would be like during a shooting as well as a story of the aftermath from the shooter’s point of view. Kayla Price, grade 11 and actress in Declaration, explained, “I’ve never been in a situation like that. I spent a lot of time thinking [about] it… so I can better empathize with [my] character.”

The cast has been rehearsing for their shows since October of this year. “For some of the students in the grade 9/10 class, it’s a huge learning curve,” said Maller. Students learned what they were responsible for, felt the pressure of having to memorize lines, and practised acting as a character in front of an audience.

The drama showcases concluded successfully and students and staff can look forward to seeing more amazing performances by the classes.