Wrestling hits mats for another year

Aritz Buldain Alvarez / Staff reporter

Now that the fall sports season is coming to an end at Gleneagle, winter sports are arriving, including wrestling.

Wrestling is a combat sport which involves grappling-type techniques. The goal is to get your opponent’s back facing the ground. Other way of scoring points is taking your adversary down into the floor. Matches have a limited amount of time, if it runs out and the score is tied, there will be an overtime.

Wrestling practices are starting the second week of November. The season will end in the middle of February with the provincial championships.

The participation that wrestling gets compared with other sports at Gleneagle is low, and, due to this, team practices will be done with the Pinetree secondary team and will take place at Pinetree.

Brian Hunter, Gleneagle teacher, is involved with the wrestling team as a sponsor teacher and will periodically assist with some of the practices. However, the team will be primarily coached by the staff from Pinetree.

Although there is going to be a close link between both Gleneagle and Pinetree teams, both of them are keeping an independent status, where students of each team will represent their own high school.

According to Hunter, “Wrestling is for someone who looks for something different: a real physical challenge, a respectful sport.” If this description fits what students are looking for, information can be found by asking Hunter in rooms 214 and 215.