Theophylya Balabin & Bella Chen / Staff reporters

As the last note played, the Gleneagle annual fall concert hall MPR filled with cheers and applause of appreciation. The junior and senior concert bands, the concert choir, vocal jazz and jazz band, led all by Eddie Trovato, won the hearts of the audience. 

“Throughout and afterwards, I just had this great feeling of gratitude to Mr. Trovato giving me this opportunity and to the 70 people of the band, for being so open to have a student work with them and trust me to lead them during the performance and be active creators as well,” said Lucas Hung, the guest conductor of the concert. Lucas is a grade 12 student who joined the band two years ago. 

Grade 12 Lucas Hung acted as guest conductor at the fall music concert.

The Gleneagle Fall Concert performance is one of the most important annual events for the school. Students who are performing put lots of effort, focus and passion into it. They together face challenges, make music, put in time to seek improvement and dedicated to make something beautiful. 

Zoe Gao, a grade 10 student who newly joined the Choir, said: “Everyone shows positive, supportive energy in this group, even as a new member, I do not feel lonely.” In this diversified community, music gives strength; music is the language that speaks the tone of Unity and Care that all members hear and respect. 

“It is a performance well done by everyone,” Jayden Cisley said, a grade 11 student who joined choir this year, “I have made new friends; it is really fun to be there.” He hopes to see more people join the choir and encourage the students to come and try it out at least for one day. 

Mr. Trovato, the music teacher, has made sure everyone works hard and enjoy their time in their practice together. He is fun to be around, offering to all the group members the website to work with, making himself available and understandable all the time, always there to support everyone. As a new plan, Mr. Trovato shared that the Band and Choir will participate in more activities in the local communities in the future. 

From each practice, for each small success, the students gain confidence and learn new skills, not only about music but also good human values. With the support of a dedicated teacher, like a thread pulling all the peals together to make a beautiful necklace. The success of the performance leaves wonderful memory to all the students from the Music group. Very soon, music department will start preparing their Christmas Concert.