Math Challenge contest happens today

Noora Shirazi & Nadia Hojjatpanah / Staff reporter

Math contest members will be competing today, November 7, in the first math contest of the year. The ‘Canadian Open Math Challenge’, is being written in room 208 in block 5.  

Ali Tootian, math teacher started the club because “students didn’t have a place to practice their math skills,” said Tootian.  

Four weeks before any contest, math club member practice on Wednesdays at lunch with Tootian and club captain(s) in room 208.  

“9 years ago, it started with seven students, but now it has over 45 members,” said Tootian.  

Math Contest “isn’t only for people who want to pursue mathematics or science,” said Ana Hamrang grade 10 member.  

“My career direction isn’t related to math, but it helps me with my comprehension and problem solving,” said Zoe Zheng, grade 12 Member.  

Students enjoy it “when we solve a very difficult question. That gives us a sense of pride and joy, and we would think that we are smart,” said Zheng grade 12.  

The university of Waterloo is a provider of most of the contests, but some contests come from the United States.  

Tootian said, “Gleneagle had a very low ranking when I came here,” and as the time passed the rankings increased more every day.  

“We were the zone 10 champion for 2017. Zone 10 covers Tri-city, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Michigan, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, and more,” said Tootian.  

Gleneagle is the “first and only school in the district that has won the ‘Canadian open mathematic challenge’ in 2013,” said Tootian.  

Award night is also rewarding for Matheus Zhu, a Garde 12 member, because “I like the sense of achievement that it brings me. When I watch [students] receive an award, I feel like they deserve it,” said Zhu.  

The math contest “helps me with my university and resume because I gain experience at working under pressure and problem solving even if not math related,” said Zhu.  

The tests are “very nerve-racking for both teachers and students, because we have to actually mail it in the same day,” said Tootian.  

The registrations are closed however if students want to participate, they can be there at the time of the test and participate.