Largest family in Gleneagle: Legally Blonde

This year’s Musical, Legally Blonde it is set to debut on May 5 to 8 then again from the 12 to 15, 2020, and is being directed by Justin Maller, the drama teacher. Practices are starting out string this year.

The story surrounds Elle Woods, played by Tori Kazemir grade 12, who is dumped by her boyfriend Warner Huntington III, Christopher Maller grade 11,as he believes she is not serious enough to be his wife. He attends Harvard Law school, so Elle decides to follow him there to prove that she is serious enough to marry.

As Maller is the sole coordinator of this year’s musical, it is near impossible for him to be everywhere at once. He delegates students to oversee specific aspects of the Musical, making everything run much smoother. He has run 6 musicals before this one and feels confident to run Legally Blonde this year.

This is Maller’s second year as musical theater director at Gleneagle, but he is well versed in musical theater as he has been working on them for 24 years, both in and out of schools. He has worked with places such as; the Vancouver Opera, First Impressions Theater as well as the Tuts and Royal Musical Theater.

The actors and crew members feel like a large family at the end of each year, they have a blast together and tend to sing the songs when walking down the streets because they love what they are doing, says Evan Tseng, grade 11 playing Emmet Forrest.

Most of the members of the musical this year are returning from past years and experiences, “how could I not?” said Elyjah Del Bianco grade 12, and one of Mallers music captains.

This group has immense amounts of energy towards what they are doing as well as each other, they cannot get enough and keep wanting more, “there is no reason not to, it’s super great!” said Tseng.

They begin practicing the large numbers and work to their smaller parts, not everyone will have a role to play in the smaller acts but “practice is practice, I go in and I learn things” says Tseng. Every member will be at each practice working on something; there is always something for them to do.

The musical theater students are all super excited and believe that this year’s Musical will be a blast. All in all, this year’s group says they are excited to preform the musical.