Kieran Dixon & Elliot Freeman / Staff reporters

Temporary principal Karen Jensen has completed her first week on the job following the departure of Ken Cober, previous principal on October 22. Cober accepted a position as assistant superintendent in Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows  and announced his resignation on September 19

A special assembly was held on October 22  for students and staff to say goodbye to Cober after his four years working at Gleneagle.

Jensen is a retired principal who previously worked at Port moody Secondary for 10 years. This is temporary contract and a new principal will be assigned before the start of the second semester in January.

The time Jensen has at this school is very limited, so she will have to either focus on starting a new idea or build on Cobers ideas to improve and expand on them. The real changes will come with the permanent principal as they will have a bigger timeline to work with the school and accomplish more. Kim Cuellar, vice principal, stated that Jensen “will only be here ‘til January and then the new principal will be appointed in January and we don’t know who that is, so Ms. Jensen probably won’t be the one to make any major changes, it would happen January onwards when the new principal comes in.”

Ms. Jensen stated “I will be the in between piece and hopefully be the glue to hold the transition together and keep it smooth” so Gleneagle won’t see much change from Ms. Jensen during her timeline of being principal, Jensen has the exact plan and drive for Gleneagle that Mr. Cober did and wishes she could do much more and said “I know from personal experience that the change process is a 5-7 year process, so three months doesn’t give us enough time to speak to staff and students, but yes I do wish I could do more but it’s not what I have been assigned to do.”

Dennis Joel the auto tech teacher stated in interview “Cober was very passionate about improving the weaker programs such as the automotive technology class and Karen Jensen will have to have the same visions and drive like Cober or else the auto program will suffer greatly.” Cober went out of his way to find Joel and bring him out of retirement to come and help and improve the program. Joel said, “I just hope when he leaves whoever takes his place will have the same dream as he did, and if he doesn’t then I’m done.”