Robert Jang & Michael Li  / Staff reporters

The junior girls volleyball team ended their season with a 0-8 record in October.

The girls ended their season on October playing with Pinetree, one of the “toughest teams to beat” unfortunately they defeat by them set score 3-1. according to Tamara Rowland,  grade 10 player. Rowland explain the morale of the team was “tough to keep up when they’re tired and they had to keep a positive attitude, while not letting the fear of defeat overcome them.”   

Another game when the Gleneagle team struggled was against Riverside secondary last September .

Gleneagle was losing the first 2 sets. In the next set, the team adjusted their approach to the game.   

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Rachel Wood, grade # player said the team “ Our team needed a better mentality, and the team was getting frustrated  at the moment” as the game continued, Gleneagle scored 15 points, almost coming back from the deficit.  

Due to the players had a late start in volleyball; they did not win the best place. “Many of the athletes on the team had a late start,” stated the head coach, Billy Demonte, “They need more constant effort and commitment.”   

Rowland describes Demonte as a coach who is “very supportive and has a direct way of keeping them hyped up” and she is “very helpful” when it comes to demonstrations.  

Demonte complimented the team as a rooster with “different strengths and bought different talents to the game of volleyball.” She also affirmed “the team “improved and showed good potential.”   

Mackenzie Sparks, a community assistant coach, pointed out the team should “focus and communicate more, whether they are on the bench or the court.” Sparks believed that the girls’ team has done a decent job competing in the overall season.  

Gleneagle Jr. girl volleyball team had late start and they were improving and their passion, and potential make us look forward to the next season.